Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals

Hosted by
Wenner Gren Foundation

Conference Convener
Flinders University

Originally this conference was to be celebrated in Mexico in the Instituto Tecnológico de Cancún in Abril 2020, moved online due to Covid-19.

Keynote Speaker

Arlene K. Fleming

Organising Commitee

Dr. Lilia Lizama Aranda Manejo Cultural AC, Mexico-Atlanta.

Dr. Israel Herrera, University of Campeche, Mexico.

Dr. Kennedy O. Magio Instituto Tecnológico de Cancun, Mexico.

Dr. Iván Batún Alpuche, Universidad de Oriente, Mexico.

Mariza Carrillo Góngora, Universidad de Oriente, Mexico.

Prof. Claire Smith, Australia.


Online via zoom (links to be sent directly to participants).